A Konica Minolta Mashup.

TO Hilton, my new BFF (w.d.). 2008

Bathurst by Night, 'Diving Bell'. 2009

Me testing the old cam as Puffin. 2009

TO, while driving. 2008

A small mess. I'd say I enjoy just uploading and posting, eff editing and making it 'perfect'. This reinforces the idea I ranted about previously, that the photographer PUSHES THE BUTTON. I am going to strive for more postings with less photoshopped work. The camera is supposed to do all of the computing, not me. Enjoy! To see the entire set CLICK.

Pola Pull and Peel + Mission.

Tony Lewis Photo.

Last Thursday I visited my friend Tony. He lives at Spadina and St.Clair, in one of the all white high rise condo's from the 1960's, which I just happen to have a bit of a thing for, and shoot almost daily, or anytime there is decent light. This is a shot of my half chewing my delicious sandwich that he made for me, chilling poolside on the patio! It finally felt like summer outside.

Afterwards, we headed to Woodbine race track to check out the horse races and potentially shoot some photos. Sadly no races were on; we decided to make the best of the situation and hit the SLOTS!! Let's just say it was a long afternoon, um evening/morning, luckily we both walked away with mini victories. This had to be topped off with a 1:30AM mission to Apache Buger (Etobicoke's most infamous institution) if you haven't been yet, go. They hold amazing late hours for drunkards and gamblers!




Patrick O'Neill. Frontside Nosegrind.

Me. Stoked on minimal amounts of yellow paint on my board.

A Healthy Obsession: Taking IPhone Photos.

I have been snapping almost everything and anything with the IPhone camera, check my
for more.

Kaufhof Facade, 2005. Berlin, Germany. Rest in Pieces.

Kaufhof - Berlin, Germany, originally uploaded by neill_sturgess.

This image was shot on a point and shoot Minolta 3.3 mp digital camera, pre dating my time with a Nikon DSLR. This is a great example of an image that is truly about being the photographer. I once heard while teaching, Nan Goldin had her class bring in all of their equipment at the beginning of a term, only to surprise her students by giving them all Yashica T4 point and shoot cameras. Her statement was, we will be shooting with the Yashica cameras all term, You are the Photographer, You Push The Button.

I was always draw into the high aesthetic value of this image. This was shot in Berlin in 05', like several images I have from earlier years; structures have been either edited, or vanished from the landscape all together.

I find it very interesting that in the space, named Alexanderplatz, that the building owners/corporation would decide to remove such an original and interesting solution to cover a building. This shopping concourse sits below, and connects to Berlin's iconic Fernsehturm TV Tower. Which serves as a viable landmark if you find yourself lost, intoxicated and/or without Berliner, in this cities' rich landscape.

The bottom line being, the two were in fact made for eachother! Aesthetically they lined up perfectly, and provided for a window into the 1960's. Berlin wouldn't dare take down the symbolic tv tower, as it is the structural icon of the city. Yes, they do have the Berliner bear and the Prussian Eagle, that are also icons...but these are nothing compared to the mark of success in the TV Tower erected by the east Berlin communist GDR regime.

The shopping area now stands looking like any 'new' place you may pass, thus homogenizing a once visually stimulating experience.

I must have over 50 images of this bumpy, white covered building. These are coupled with a growing passion against structures that are being edited for the worse, or demolished with lack of good reason.

Secret Spot.

I have passed this several times and missed it. On the day I shot this, I made sure I did not, and made a point of shooting it, capturing the wonderful light of the early spring day. I believe my fascination with this space is the mix of ugly siding, painted metal, a narrow vista/tight space and flashes of my subconscious mind saying to me that I allready have this photograph.

Most Bestest.

Most bestest., originally uploaded by neill_sturgess.
I enjoy trashy 60's minimal architecture just like this. It is so common that it could be shot in almost any urban space, the beauty of photography is that it subverts this fact. It does this by mapping light, space, and time. These three variables (LST) are something I continue to explore and be aware of throughout my work.

Yellow and Black.

Yellow and Black, originally uploaded by neill_sturgess.
Reminds me of Batman...Tim Burton 1990 Batman.
I really enjoyed editing this series - please see the whole set at:


Finding the Blue.

Finding the Blue., originally uploaded by neill_sturgess.

On a shoot with my brother from another country, I found this slice of life resting in amazing alleyway off Ronci. Light really changes the way we see things...Imagine this space with no natural light. While the shots could possibly be compelling, they would be entirely different.


First post up. The 3 images above are shot in Toronto - I wanted to play with black and white contrast in photoshop. Enjoy!