Secret Spot.

I have passed this several times and missed it. On the day I shot this, I made sure I did not, and made a point of shooting it, capturing the wonderful light of the early spring day. I believe my fascination with this space is the mix of ugly siding, painted metal, a narrow vista/tight space and flashes of my subconscious mind saying to me that I allready have this photograph.

Most Bestest.

Most bestest., originally uploaded by neill_sturgess.
I enjoy trashy 60's minimal architecture just like this. It is so common that it could be shot in almost any urban space, the beauty of photography is that it subverts this fact. It does this by mapping light, space, and time. These three variables (LST) are something I continue to explore and be aware of throughout my work.

Yellow and Black.

Yellow and Black, originally uploaded by neill_sturgess.
Reminds me of Batman...Tim Burton 1990 Batman.
I really enjoyed editing this series - please see the whole set at:

Finding the Blue.

Finding the Blue., originally uploaded by neill_sturgess.

On a shoot with my brother from another country, I found this slice of life resting in amazing alleyway off Ronci. Light really changes the way we see things...Imagine this space with no natural light. While the shots could possibly be compelling, they would be entirely different.