A Konica Minolta Mashup.

TO Hilton, my new BFF (w.d.). 2008

Bathurst by Night, 'Diving Bell'. 2009

Me testing the old cam as Puffin. 2009

TO, while driving. 2008

A small mess. I'd say I enjoy just uploading and posting, eff editing and making it 'perfect'. This reinforces the idea I ranted about previously, that the photographer PUSHES THE BUTTON. I am going to strive for more postings with less photoshopped work. The camera is supposed to do all of the computing, not me. Enjoy! To see the entire set CLICK.

Pola Pull and Peel + Mission.

Tony Lewis Photo.

Last Thursday I visited my friend Tony. He lives at Spadina and St.Clair, in one of the all white high rise condo's from the 1960's, which I just happen to have a bit of a thing for, and shoot almost daily, or anytime there is decent light. This is a shot of my half chewing my delicious sandwich that he made for me, chilling poolside on the patio! It finally felt like summer outside.

Afterwards, we headed to Woodbine race track to check out the horse races and potentially shoot some photos. Sadly no races were on; we decided to make the best of the situation and hit the SLOTS!! Let's just say it was a long afternoon, um evening/morning, luckily we both walked away with mini victories. This had to be topped off with a 1:30AM mission to Apache Buger (Etobicoke's most infamous institution) if you haven't been yet, go. They hold amazing late hours for drunkards and gamblers!